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Lives in  Maryland United States · Born on September 21, 1966
White Male Submission
  It is time to explore this subject again. Attention needs to be drawn to this as it is rampant and pervasive and it's indicative of mental illness en masse. This was written about 10 years ago. I wi...
Your Pathetic Little Cock
How is real manhood measured?  Is it measured by character, integrity, or moral fortitude?  No, those are the traits of weaklings and pushovers, not real men.  Most people would agree that financial s...
Four Feet are Better than Two
There's nothing more exhausting than going on a book signing tour and living out of a suitcase. More than physically draining, it's emotionally draining to live out of a suitcase and drinking out of t...
What white girls really crave
Listen up you white whore, and listen good.  I know you want me.  I know that sorry excuse of a man you have can’t satisfy you.  If you want my hard black cock ramming your slutty pussy, fucking your ...
Cocksucking Cum Whore
Cocksucking Cum WhoreDressed in his pink satin panties under his unassuming khaki pants, Eli headed out to the adult bookstore to get his fix.  He needed to have his mouth fucked hard, he needed to ea...