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Well as usual, the Same Asswipes are at it again - "BEWARE" - the very same Bunch that supposedly claims that they are for Less Government in your lives, are out to Decieve those who believe their Rhetoric & Bullshit ! Once again, just like under former Attorney General John Ashcroft under Former President George W Bush, they are out to Crack Down on Obsenity / Pornography, but just what do they or will they consider Obscene / Pornography ??? Thats the Question that remains ! Under former Attorney John Ashcroft, from the Bush era - their were many that were afraid to even post photos of their Wives or Girfriends on the net - for fear of being Proscuted under Ashcroft back in 2002 / 2003 / 2004 and later years. Now the same Bunch of Assholes & Morons are at it again - "Conserative Republicans" (GOP) - are out to control what you see - what you read - what you view anywhere , on the internet - TV even what you Read ~! How FAR, will they take this new Law, how far will they stretch this and go after innocent individuals who are just out to have fun by posting photos of their wives / girlfriends . This is the very same bunch that recently claimed to be for LESS Government in your lives, yet it definetly looks like their for more Government in the lives of Americans - they want to Control what you See & Read - They want to Control where you work and how and under what Conditions (WISCONSIN), is a prime Example ! Sure appears that their lying thru their teeth, talking out both sides of their mouths, while at the same time decieving those who believe them . Heres a recent news article I found online ---} html?tag=cbsnewsMainColumnArea
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