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Melissa's description of her 6/13/9 DATE


Jim wanted me to post something about my 1st big one-on-one date.  So here goes...

Where to start?  I know we talked about me going on a date for a long time but I never quite had the nerve to go through with it.  So it is much different for me to go out all alone with another man overnight!  I was really excited and nervous.  I was excited for obvious reasons.  But I was nervous for a bunch of reasons.  Would somebody see me out with someone other than my husband?  How would Jim react?  Would he be really jealous and insist I come home?  Would I not be that into him?  And crazy stuff like what if I get in a car accident how do I explain to others what I was up to?  So, this anticipation made it really exciting.

So the day arrives.  I’m nervous all day.  I also feel really guilty for leaving my family to do this.  But, I am still going to go and deep down I know it will be fun.  Jim leaves to go to a family party.  This gives me a lot of alone time to get ready.  I love to get ready, to go out, all by myself.  I take a bath, shave my pussy bare, baby oil my skin, do my hair and make-up and get dressed in peace all by myself.  I decide to wear a short silky dress with high heels.  I am really nervous as I pack an overnight bag and load the car.  I feel like such a slut.  As I started driving to Chicago (about 15 minutes from our suburban home),  I am sure people who see me in the car know why I am all dressed up.  To go have sex with another man that is not my husband.

Now, I am almost to the city.  I get a text message that my date is running  late.  I am perfectly on time, as usual.  So, I decide to park the car and have a drink in the hotel bar while I wait.  I have to walk about 2 blocks from where I parked the car, and again I am sure everyone knows why I am there.  I get to the bar and sit right at the bar.  I am way overdressed, have an overnight bag, and am alone in a bar ordering a drink.  What must people be thinking?  Probably nothing, but I am sure some had an idea.  But they probably didn’t expect to see who my date turned out to be.  A tall, well built, hot, black man.  When my date arrived I stood to kiss him and give him a hug.  We sat down and he said, “I think I just disappointed several guys here in the bar.”  I finished my drink and we went upstairs to put my bag away as everyone watched as we entered the hotel.

We went up the elevator and as the door closed he immediately came over and kissed me.  He told me how hot I looked and how excited he was that I was here.  I agreed and my nerves started to calm down a bit.  We dropped off my bag, kissed a bit more and agreed to head out to dinner.

On the walk to dinner and we joked about what to do if we ran into someone I knew.  We talked about it, but never came up with a solution in case we did.  On the walk over I felt as if everybody was looking at us.  Some might have been.  I was dressed up with my long blond hair down and he is handsome.  I guess we make a couple that gets noticed.

At the restaurant we have a drink and talk.  He tells me how attracted he is to me and how he hopes we can continue to see each other.  It is very flattering to hear and he makes me very nervous.  Which he notices and I think he likes that he does that to me. 

After dinner we decide to head back to the hotel and have drink at the bar.  But first we decide to drop our leftovers off upstairs.  In the room I use the bathroom and when I walk out I look at him waiting for me.  We instantly come together and start to kiss.  We both know immediately that we won’t be going downstairs anytime soon. 

We start to kiss and touch and things heat up instantly.  We go to the bed where I begin sucking his dick.  It is so big, I don’t know how I fit any of it in my mouth.  He grows huge and hard immediately.  Quickly his clothes come off and he is standing before me naked.  Again I take his hugeness in my mouth.  He pushes me on the bed and takes my dress off and he slowly enters me.  He has to go slowly at first because his dick is so huge and I am so tight!  As he slowly gains speed and rhythm I begin to cum.  I don’t squirt because he’s too big.  There is no room for me to squirt.  I have had sex with several men since getting married, and recently began squirting when I orgasm.  But it has to right... A large cock, but so huge that it totally fills me.  This guy fills me beyong beleif.  He is by far the biggest I have ever seen.

At one point he turns me over on my belly, with my legs together, and fucks me from behind.  It feels amazing.  We fuck like this for 45 minutes.  Then he cums on my back.  Its warm, sticky and there is a lot all over my back.

After we are done with the 1st time my date falls asleep.  I’m a little worried because I didn’t come this far for 1 time and then off to bed.  A little while later he awakes.  We talk a little bit and I can see he is getting hard for me.  We fuck for a while.  Not as long as the first time.  I think I came about 3 times! 

We both fall asleep.  We are both satisfied.  I fell asleep thinking about how we will fuck again in the morning.  At 2am the hotel room phone rings.  Wrong number. I keep thinking how tired I am going to be in the morning.  My date comes back to bed and starts to touch and suck my nipples.  This turns me on and they become really hard.  This really excites me.  We start to fuck again.  Missionary and while we are laying on our sides.  My pussy was so wet from cuming.  His cock feels so good inside me.  You would think since it was so big it would hurt or not fit, but it’s a perfect fit! 

We ... until 7:30.  My date uses the bathroom and comes back to bed ready to fuck again.  We fuck hard.  Mostly from behind.  He holds my hips tight as he thrusts himself deep inside me.  The feeling is intense.  At one point he stands at the side of the bed and I am doggie style at the edge.  He fucks me for a long time like that.  I pull at the sheets and moan over and over “Oh God!”  He lays down and I start to suck his dick.  Then he tells me to lick his balls while he finishes.  I know he is going to cum because his balls get really tight and I continue to lick as he cums.

We both are totally satisfied.  We agree to grab breakfast before I head home to my husband.  We take showers and get dressed and head down to breakfast.  We talk about what a great time we both had and discuss dates when we can do it again.  Which is soon, I hope.  He walks me to my car and he stills tells me how hot I am and that he is getting hard just walking me to my car.  He kisses me goodbye.  I get in my car and head home with a well fucked pussy!


I will update from now on depending on when I get to "got out".  Your responses turn me on so write me if you'd like.




im so happy for you Melissa.go girl
Melissa thanks so much for the update, i had been wondering how things went... sounds like a wonderful time was had and i'm sure hubby savored the details!  ur pics are stunning, as well baby.... you are a prime example of a sexy hotwife with a supportive cuckold hubby in a loving relationship who s...
Thanks everyone.  I am going out with him again this coming Thursday June 25th.  It won't be another over-nighter, but hubby has said it is okay if I meet my lover at his hotel for a drink and some more fun!
I will update Friday!
Thanks for al of the comments.  Hubby did not clean me up.  I always require condoms, so the creampie thing isnt our thing. 
Although he did fuck me when I cam home.  I was very sore from fucking my BF all night, but poor hubby wanted me so bad!  It was okay, I was still a little stretched out fr...
Dear CS members,
This is Jim.  My wife has been out with this guy 3 times since her first blog.  All times were similar except they were quickees in the afternoon alone with him.  She always came home with great pics and details for me.  His cock is so thick that she has been really stretched out ...
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