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Samantha meets Big Max and his Crew

Here's hoping that Big Max writes a better blog, not really a blog writer on this end, so here it goes. Let's just say I've been chatting on and off with Max for sometime (long before Cuckoldspace became a site) trying to find the right time and place For Samantha and I to meet him and his crew from NYC. So we decided to take a road trip up his way and agreed to meet up for an evening. We arrived at the suite after a 6 hour drive, got situated, set the bed up, set up all my camera's for the night's activities. After going out to dinner, picking up some beer and wine coolers, we returned to wait for the guys to show up. It took them longer than expected to arrive because of traffic coming out of the city so the extra veg-time wasn't to good after that many hours in a car.

They all arrived around 8:30pm, Samantha greeted each guy with a kiss and a hug, there was Max and 4 of his studs that he uses for his video's on the site Samantha chatted with all the guys for about 45 minutes, Max and I went into the bedroom and set up some extra lighting that he brought and discussed the do's and dont's. In which there is always more do's than dont's LOL.

Samantha excused herself to get ready that took about 20 minutes or so, that seems like a lifetime when guys are horny and ready to fuck! She emerged from the bedroom, fishnet body suit, high heels, matching choker, ear rings and bracelet and was surrounded immediately. Within seconds every guy was naked and HARD as a ROCK. One guy was locked in a Deep kiss with Samantha, another had her neck all to himself, two guys were attacking her nipples (which made her moan) and another had her ass all to himself rubbing his huge cock all over it and giving her some love taps.                                                                                     After several minutes of this type of seduction she was lifted off her feet, placed onto the bed on all fours and Max's crew proceed to Power fuck her at both ends for an hour straight. If you have ever been to a party let this, all the different sounds seem to litter the room simultaneously. Sounds like a Huge Cock and Large Balls pounding Samantha's pussy with his balls slapping against her ass hard. The sounds of him spanking her ass (some light and some very hard) and her reaction to each slap. The sounds of that, plus 3 guys trying to get their Big Cocks in her mouth at the same time and the sensations it transmits trying to suck each one with sometimes two that make there way in her mouth together. Which is awesome for me to watch, videotape and photograph. The moans, the screams, the dirty talk, it all comes together.

When the hour was through and she looked like...... she just got the living ... fucked out of her. Makeup GONE, a glaze on her face, hair shooting all over, her ass and nipples red from the abuse. That is when she laid on her back and annouced that she wanted every guy to come in her mouth and on her face. Within 60 seconds she had two large loads covering her tongue and chin. And within 15 minutes you couldnt recognize her!   5 loads. The cum towel was FULL!
She could of went another round but the guys were already dressed thinking she had enough because of the long day. So we all sat around chatting for at least another hour before they left. I believe they thought she was tired from the drive and maybe the ackwardness of meeting for the first time they may have been a little timid, which I didnt notice in that previous hour..... LOL..... BUT there is always another day.

We just want to thank Max and his guys for an awesome party and if you see him on line ask him about his take of the events. I will post some pictures on our profile.

<img height="336" width="449" alt="" title="replaced: 449px; replaced: 336px;" src="/file/sns_uploads/7/images/Samantha2%20025.jpg" />

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So hot that this pic was taken recently.
samantha looks so hot there can't wait to see her in the video and some still shots thanks for sharing them
samantha looks so hot there can't wait to see her in the video and some still shots thanks for sharing them
mmm... sounds like our kind of party too.....Love groups of large men. Bet she cant wait to do it agian.. I know I couldnt!!
Great party, glad you had fun and also shared it with us.

Clicked on Max's link that you provided but when the age warning page comes up, there's nothing to click on but "exit."

Keep on and on!!

Lady sam is a classy lady.  You are lucky to have hooked up with her John.  So did you ever get off John?  lol.  Thanks for the play by play.  hope we all see some video of the event Soon.
A dick in each hand and a mouth full of tongue, it would soon be full of Dick and lots of it!
<img height="480" width="640" alt="" title="replaced: 640px; replaced: 480px;" src="/file/sns_uploads/7/image s/MVC-017S.JPG" />

<img height="434" width="579" alt="" title="replaced: 579px; replaced: 434px;" src="/file/sns_uploads/7/image s/Sam99.JPG" />
Another shot with Max
<img height="480" width="640" alt="" title="replaced: 640px; replaced: 480px;" src="/file/sns_uploads/7/image s/Samantha2%20088.jpg" />

awsome story...but i think i would have let them fuck thr lil slut all night long
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