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Great interracial stories site
This is a great site for interracial/hotwife stories that we found on the net awhile back.  Thought we'd share it in case you haven't seen it before.  Let us know if you liked it!   http://www.asstr.o...
Samantha meets Big Max and his Crew
Here's hoping that Big Max writes a better blog, not really a blog writer on this end, so here it goes. Let's just say I've been chatting on and off with Max for sometime (long before Cuckoldspace bec...
Topics: BBC, gangbang, hot, shared, wife
Your ... with Black
Women will you teach your daughters to like black cock?If so, at around what age do you start suggesting it?And what kind of things do you or would you mention to them to slowly start influencing them...
The Making of a Sissy Faggot Slut
    The tears in his eyes and the look of fear on his face almost made it seem like he didn’t really want the severe assfucking he was about to get.  Truth of the matter was, he had wanted it all alon...
Melissa's description of her 6/13/9 DATE
Jim wanted me to post something about my 1st big one-on-one date.  So here goes... Where to start?  I know we talked about me going on a date for a long time but I never quite had the nerve to go thro...