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Wifes turn ons
So my wife has been logging on this site as well. Either with me present or by her self, and wants to let every know she is dying to hear some feed back of what you guys think of her. Do you want her?...
Do Black Men have Bigger Dicks?
White men ask me 6,824 times a day, “Is it true that black men have bigger dicks?”  I guess they need validation because they haven’t looked at interracial porn 6 hours a day, 6 days a week, for th...
offically BLACKED
my name is nicole i am writting this blog cause im offically BLACK breed my black neigbor hosten a breeding party for me i missed my period and i went to the doctor they said i was preg...
our first male
ok this is the true story of our first time with anouther male . hubby and i were had been married for about 5 yrs and we kinda got started with swinging with me and hubby talking about bringing home ...
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My wife's first affair
My wife and I had been having marital problems for a while.  Mostly as a result of the stupid things I had done like cheating on her, running up phone sex bills and buying lots of porn.  I was a littl...