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Topic: dick

My wife's first affair
My wife and I had been having marital problems for a while.  Mostly as a result of the stupid things I had done like cheating on her, running up phone sex bills and buying lots of porn.  I was a littl...
Small dick - The beginnings
So when did I first kow that i had a small dick??? Well.....   I guess I first started realizing it when I was a young pre-adolescent. My 2 cousins had started puberty first, so i tried to pretend tha...
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Still Looking for BBC
We're still looking for just the right man for Kay. Not many men advertise in our area and the one guy she likes lives 2 hours away. Everyone is afraid of scams, liars and mental cases so its hard to ...
Do Black Men have Bigger Dicks?
White men ask me 6,824 times a day, “Is it true that black men have bigger dicks?”  I guess they need validation because they haven’t looked at interracial porn 6 hours a day, 6 days a week, for th...
Convincing Wife?
Over the past ten years of marriage to my lovely conservat ive wife I have gotten her to (just a list of various things that grows every couple of months...):- measure my dick- make me kiss/lick her a...