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Topic: shared

Big Time Banged in Washinton, DC
Every year or so, Samantha and I set out to the capital and meet up with this group of well organized, well Hung gentlemen who set up group parties for couples that like to dip into the Hot wife, watc...
Topics: wife, shared, used, BBC, gangbang
How my slut was created
When my slut came to me she had just had her first baby by another man. I’d met her as a single mom living in a small apartment alone and the baby was with her mother in another town. The first nig...
Samantha meets Big Max and his Crew
Here's hoping that Big Max writes a better blog, not really a blog writer on this end, so here it goes. Let's just say I've been chatting on and off with Max for sometime (long before Cuckoldspace bec...
Topics: BBC, gangbang, hot, shared, wife