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Topic: small

The humiliation line is open now!
Im in one of my feisty moods. I am eager and ready to talk about you and your pathetic little cock. The small cock humiliation sweat shop is now open!!!! Call me so I can talk about your teeny weeny ...
Allowed Penetration - Success!
For the first time since September 3rd I was able to help my wife bring herself to orgasm on my cock.  She brought me down to the bedroom and asked me to give her a back rub.  I promptly jumped to the...
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Allowed Penetration
I have been out of chastity for several days now and it looks like the device has been safely put away for awhile.  However, I am still very full.  I simply do not get drained enough in one release af...
My wife's first affair
My wife and I had been having marital problems for a while.  Mostly as a result of the stupid things I had done like cheating on her, running up phone sex bills and buying lots of porn.  I was a littl...
Small dick - The beginnings
So when did I first kow that i had a small dick??? Well.....   I guess I first started realizing it when I was a young pre-adolescent. My 2 cousins had started puberty first, so i tried to pretend tha...
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