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Lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado United States · Born on June 10, 1985
Update (March 05, 2010)
Okay, okay, a few of you have been asking for updates.  Well, I must admit I'm not nearly as active on this website as I used to be.  I really got interested in this website when I was dating a white ...
Topics: Update
Well, unfortunately I had caught a bug.  I'm feeling better now, although not 100% yet.  So, haven't been able to...or rather, haven't been feeling up to hooking up with my guy.  Now that I'm feeling ...
Topics: sick
Well.  I know a bunch of you out there have enjoyed my blogs.  You also realize, I'm sure, that you haven't read any lately.  Well, with life, I've been away from the site for awhile.  I have checked ...
Topics: update
July 4th
So, it was the fourth of July, I had a lot of fun Friday night, but it was another day.  Sarah and I got some stuff ready for a picnic we had planned.  As we were finishing getting stuff ready, Laura ...
Topics: picnic
Friday the 3rd
Friday night was fun.  We decided that we needed a girl's night out. So me, Sarah, and Laura decided we would go have some fun.  So Laura came over to me and Sarah's apartment, we were all wearing nic...
Topics: lesbian, dildo, threesome