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Training of BBC White Sex Slaves

Part 1
There are many groups in our area that have sucessfully made BBC Sex Slaves from inocent,
Suburb White Women,many that were Married at the Time they were 1st introduced into this Web.
Also the Total Developement was long and intense,so the Story
is long and Will have be posted in several Parts.
Since I'm very familar with Sandy's, I will Tell Sandy's Story. Although Sandy's senerio is more physical,Intense
etc it's basic Same for most Sex Slaves in Our Ghetto area.Also Sandy was indeed a Big Success Story for the Group.

The Background info is
"Our Neighborhood"is a
Typical Low Income
inter-big city ghetto located in West Philly.
Like all Ghetto areas of Big older East Coast Cities,the Center Hangout Place was a Park.
We have Clark Park at W. Baltimore St + W. 48th
St.Also like most inter-city places,Many of the guys that grew up and lived here were small Time Thugs,Dealers,and Wanta-Be Pimps.Wayne,A long time close Friend that I grew up with, went to Same School + we
even worked at the same roofing company was in the Main Local Group, Gang,whatever You want to call it.
Occasionally,I would be invited to their Apartments to watch a Big Eagles Game.other sports,Drink and.OK I admit,also for Free Highs.
There was never a lack of Beer or Smoke at the apartment.Also I noticed when I was there on Weekends,It Seemed No Lack of White Women from neighborhood hanging around also Looking to get high.It was Rare that there wasn't at least a couple of these White Women always 1/2 Naked,drinking + High.
Since I wasn't a Member of group at this time,
basicly just a guest,I didn't get into any details of What was Going on but couldn't avoid noticing Guys entering + Exiting the bedroom ajacent to Living Room/Media Room that always seem to contain at least One completely Naked White Woman. From the Sounds + Moaning,I had no Doubt the Woman was being Rotated Fucked by them.
Also,like all big Cities,
There's a Local Hangout Place the Group hung at.
Ours was a Local Deli convenently located across the Street from Clark Park (The Center for The
"Business Dealings"
That is how I 1st met SANDY + How She became Known to our Group.
Sandy+Husband arrived in Philly at Spring Shortly after His Father Died to Re-Open the Deli.They moved from a Small,Mid-West College type Town.It was clear They Had No Eperience dealing with the Big City Rough inter-City Lifestyle.
SANDY seem especially
nieve and innocent but was very Friendly + Open at Deli.It Was Clear,
Sandy had little or NO
Experience with Big City Life and NO Experience
or Exposure To Black Guys.
As I talked to Sandy at Clark Park When She was there on Nice spring,
summer days eating lunch + taking Breaks from Deli,It seemed to me that in many ways, SANDY was Infacinated to learn more of the Big City and it's Life.
Needless to say,Or AS EXPECTED,When Sandy and her Husband took over runing the Deli,the Groups+Gangs hanging there became more agressive inside the Deli,Unlike when Sandy's Old Hardline Father-in-Law who grew here and knew How to handle these types.
I hung at Clark Park a lot after Work,esp in Spring +Summer and with Sandy being at the Park, I saw a lot of her.I would say,We became friends. I Learned about the Small White Suburb Town that She moved from. At first She Never even talked to most of the Guys in the park except to Say Hi.Finally since the majority of them also frequented the Deli,Sandy eventually
Opened Up more toward them.Since Majority of people hanging in this Park were into drugs in some way,using or dealing
Smoking+doing drugs were every open. At a Short time SANDY started smoking Weed as the guys passed it around. Also as Summer arrived,Wayne + the groups from Park got very agressive at doing business inside the Deli.This really escallated as Fall arrived with Cool/cold evenings.Also at this Time,I was being Invited more to hang with the Group at the apartments,
Esp on Weekends as I worked more directly with Wayne at Our Job. Every Weekend,most of Guys were at Main Group's Apartment,
They Always had Several Regualar Nieghborhood White Women in this Apt.I learned most were Married,They would be Drinking + always getting High.They were Also Always Totally NAKED.Wayne Told me Laughing that "Total NAKED in Apartment was the Law for White Women, he actually said "White Bitches"
As Winter Season arrived,Things at the Deli were deteriating Quickly.Sandy's Husband was getting into very Heated Arguments with most of the Groups concerning their activites and behavior at the Deli. Our Group was the most intense confrontion with Him.

As the months of Fall passed,The situation between Sandy's Husband
+the groups Intensified.
I had come to know Sandy closer,no Sex envolve,
That said,I could also see the Strain of Running the Deli and Tension with the Gangs at The Deli was taking It's Toll on Her.I'm sure it was also taking it's Toll on their Relationship even with Sandy re-affirming She was fully Committed to r Husband and marriage,
the few times I hinted and tried to "Put the Hit on Her" .
I also noticed as the escalated with Sandy's Husband and Our Group at Deli,Wayne became more and more "Friendly"
toward Sandy,making sure He would be in the Park When Sandy was there.
I also Saw that SANDY was in a way "Trusting Him" Talking more about personal things, including Her Husband. SANDY was also Smoking More + More with the Guys at the Park on a Regular Basis, esp Wayne and a few mwmbwers of Our Group.
But I had no Idea in my Wildest Dreams what was going to happen next.

Part 3
As December weeks passed,with usual Snow,heavy winds and low Temps, I saw less of Sandy in the Park, and only really saw her whenever I was in the Deli.
In Early January,One Friday,It was snowing, d Work closed down Early,
I decided to head to the apartment,nothing else was going on,as the Snow was Now Very Heavy.I could use some drinks and even wanted to get e buzzed.When I Entered the Apt,Wayne was sitting on the sofa,
there were already 5-6 regular Black Guys from our Group with him and 2 White Guys I've seen a few times at Clark Park but never met.the Group called these White Guys
"Associates" and Had
Business Deals with them.
I was Never into that aspect,but Knew What they were doing,no-one needed a PHD to figure that out.After a
Few Drinks,A Black Guy came out of the Left Bedroom.A minutelater,a White Brunet Woman came out from the Same Bedroom.I reconized Her as a Married Resident of the apartment bldg.She was Complelty Naked,
Made Herself another Drink and Walked back into the Bedroom.A Different Black Guy in Living Room with us Followed Her.Since the Door was left Open,I could hear they were having Sex.
As this Guy came out, another Black Guy went into this Bedroom.
Eventually This Guy also finished,came out of the Bedroom,the Brunet again walked into the living room with Him,smoked some weed we were passing around,made herself another Drink and walked back into the Bedroom.
At this time,Wayne got
up and told me to follow him.We Entered this Bedroom.
The Married Brunet seemed really Buzzed and was laying NAKED in the Bed.Wayne said laughing to me."I Know You Like That ...".
"It's Yours, You are One of Us.So Have Fun,adding "MAKE us PROUD".
Needless to Say, I Started Taking My Clothes Off + Got in Bed with Her. He didn't have to Ask me again.thumbup1
After what seemed like A few Hrs, Def a Long Time,
I Finished Sex with Her,
went Back into the Living Room,a White and Black Guy entered as I came out.
I sat down,Started Drinking again with Wayne and now Several NEW
Different Guys that were sitting in Living room,
listening to music, and watching a Porn movie.

After a Short time,2 of the Original Black Guys came out of the Bedroom Directly across from Living Room.and 3 Guys, ALL BLACK Immediatelly got up and went into this Bedroom.
This Bedroom Door Unlike the Brunet's Bedroom was Closed, but I'd bet 100% that Another White Woman was in that Bedroom.
The Bedroom Door being Closed was VERY Unusal, but Nothing could prepare me for what I would see next.


As Friday evening went on,Several Times,a couple of Guys would exit that Cosed Bedroom and Different Guys would Enter from Living room, ALWAYS Closing Door,Again I Thought to Myself How Unusual closing the DOOR was. Also All of the Guys exiting and entering This Closed Bedroom were Black Guys.
Also as usual,The Same Exit-Enter Senerio Continued with the WIDE OPEN Bedroom containing the Married Brunet with Both Blackand the Few White Guys present.
Occasionaly a Knock on Apt.Door would happen and more Guys, mostly Black Entered Apartment,all seemed regualr Clark Park,known to Group.
At one point as this continued well into evening,and I was in apartment from late morning,
Wayne got up,Told me "Follow Me,I GOT Something to Show YOU"
"You will Really Like This".

As I Followed Him towards Bedroom Adjacent to Living Room with
Closed Door.All of The Other BLACK GUYS Got Up and Followed Us.
What I Saw Really SHOCKED Me.

I Saw SANDY in the BED, Completely NAKED with 3 NAKED BLACK GUYS,In BED with HER,All were Touching HER in Some Way.Also another 4-5 group of Guys were watching,also Naked and All Black.
Wayne Said,"That Punk Ass will now learn not to Fuck with US",
No Doubt,Refering to Sandy's Husband
It was also Clear that Sandy was really FUCKED UP, But Not totally Out of it.
As We Stood Watching,the Guys in BED with Her Took Turns Rotating
Positions on HER.The Other Guys that followed US from living Room Started Stripping to JOIN IN,as the guys already Naked and Standing by Bed would Join in Whenever anyone finished Fucking Sand.

Seeing Sandy in this Condition was Big Shock to Me.I knew Sandy from Park,Deli,etc + Considered Her a Friend.Since I already had Sex with Married Brunet in other Bedroom,I excused myself,Telling Wayne I needed to go to my Apartment,and Would return in a little while.
Reality was I Needed to Regain My Composure from Seeing SANDY in That Huge GangBang.
Wayne Said "Great,Def Come Back",Handing Me $$$ saying "Pick Up more Liquer,and Not for me to take too long, Adding "It's going to be a long weekend".


When I Finally returned,It was After Midnight,in the early Hrs of Sat Morning.By this Time,There were even a Larger Group of Guys in Apartment than When I left.Most I reconized from neighborhood,
Majority were Black Guys,but several New White Guys,Associates
that I have never seen were Also there.
As I Handed Wayne the Liquor I bought,I had a few drinks,sitting,
Talking with the Guys in Living Room,I was NOW Facing the NOW Wide Open Bedroom Door containing Sandy,I could See Sandy was Still Completley + Totally NAKED,and as the GUY on Top of Her Finished Fucking Her,I could see another Guy Quickly Taking His Place.
Bedroom Seemed to some lights On,so I could see Very Clear.
At Times Guys Would Exit the Bedroom to Living Room for Drinks,as Other Guys Would Enter Bedroom from Living Room.
Even being 15-20 Feet Away,I could Hear SANDY MOANING As They were FUCKING HER.At Times Sandy would Moan Really Loud as SHE Would be Facing Down on Stomach As They Were FUCKING HER ANAL.
Most of Guys that Came OUT of Bedroom stayed NAKED or in Briefs,to GET Another Turn with Her.What really Surprized Me and was VERY Unusal There were No Other Women in the Apartment at this Time.


After Watching Sandy being Being fucked from the Living Room for a VERY Long TIME and Drinking many Strong Drinks, I Eventually Got Up and Walked to the Bedroom

Not sure if it was the Drinking that gave me the Next emotion But
What I saw was Again Very Shocking but Also I thought very Erotic.
As I Entered the Bedroom with Some Lights Being On,I Could Clearly See Big Suck Marks on SANDY's NECK,TITS + Even Cunt Area.Later as SHE was Rolled Over with Guys Fucking HER ANAL, I would Notice Many on Her ASS .
What Really Shocked ME were 2 Guys Had Cam-Recorders and Were Freely Filming HER.
SANDY was Still Compleltey FUCKED UP, but still NOT Completely Out of It.
SANDY seemed to have NO Reaction to Me Standing There Looking at HER,She Showed NO EMOTION at All.Even No Emotion toward the Guys FILMING HER.Several Times, She Even Seemed to LOOK DIRECTLY into their Cameras as They Got NEAR for Closeups.
Then as the Guys in BED Finished FUCKING HER and Other Guys were Still Getting Naked to Join HER,
Sandy Did ROLL HER HEAD etc as If LOOKING in MY Direction.It seemed to Me that for a Few Seconds As She Noticed Me There,
She Expressed Some Embarssment,Even Closing Her Legs as I LOOKED TOWARD HER.
That Quickly Ended as Another Guy Got in BED with Her,Spread Apart Her Legs,Wide OPEN to Accept His Ready Cock.

I Still remember thinking to myself,
"She Either Didn't Care or WAS Too Out of It to Care What Was Happening As This Guy Finished Fucking Her and SHE Freely Opened HER LEGS to Accept a New Guy that took His Position on Her.
She would also Play with Next Guy's COCK when he Dangled it near Her to get Him READY,She never looked toward me again
This Time,I Stayed There,as The Flow of Guys Continued On+On ALL Day,well into Sat Night as Word Was NOW Spreading though Clark Park about This Gang Bang Party.
SANDY was NOW a BASIC SEX Assembly Line for them.

More + More as Hrs Pasted as I watched as the Number of Guys Fucking Her Increased,SANDY was NOW Being SLOWLY CONDIDITONED into the Senerio. SANDY was Now Freely Completley OPENING HER Legs WIDE
for Every Guy that got into Bed with HER without Hesitation

I actually stood there in Awe,In Disbelief as SANDY was Now Freely opening HER Legs Wide for Every Guy that got into Bed with HER including the White Dealer Guys that Now joined the Gang Bang.

Not only that,As Some Guys,Black + White got Crude,Telling HER CRUDELY
"Roll Over Bitch</b>" Whore" Get your ASS READY SLUT",Etc.SANDY Would Roll Over,Prop HER ASS UP as They Ordered To GIVE THEM
Free + Total Access for ANAL SEX...

More Shocking,IF NOT SAD,Since I Still Considered SANDY a friend at this point, She was also Now Freely Exposing Her Ass for More Drugs when some Guys Wanted to Give Her More at regular Intervals. As this senerio Continued,
SANDY was agreeing without Hesitation to any Order,Command and Action They Demanded.
The Filming Became Totally un-abstractd as SANDY was Now Freely posing,looking etc as Directed by the guys filming Her.
This continued On + On into Sat Night,Sunday Morming toward Sunday Afternoon with SANDY NOW More Often Freely Exposing HER ASS
to these Guys that seemed VERY Obsessed in Shooting More Drugs in Her ASS.
It becameClear Now that Their Agenda was Taking Her to the 1st Station toward Control +Addiction with an End Result of Total Ownership of HER, Making Her a Sex SLAVE.

I never Found Out all of the Details os HOW SANDY 1st got in this Situation.Had Sandy Fallen for Wayne's Charm as He Made Direct Efforts to Impress Her as things Escalated with Group + Her Husband.
Did Sandy Fall for the "Ghetto Rap By Wayne("baby you have been married too long, You need to expand + Start Living More" Stuff like that.
Had SANDY Been Taken Sexually by Wayne?
Did Sandy Willingly Take More Heavy Drugs that were Being Put in HER Now by Wayne + Group. these were the Queastions I was thinking to myself at this Time.
as time passed with me in the group,I had Come to Understand That Drugs is Big KEY + TOOL to Converting a Woman like SANDY to a Sex Slave.
Part 7

The Story that Later Circulated was that SANDY was indeed having more Problems with Husband at Deli, got More into Talking, confiding and Trusting Wayne and a few other guys in the Group and Clark Park.Drinking and Smoking Weed with them reguarly at park,Even a few times in the apartment.
That Wayne and Another Guy in group actually had Sex with Sandy a Few weeks before This Weekend. Sandy Compleltey Trusted and Felt Comfortable With Them, esp Wayne.
The Story said SANDY had big fight with husband on that Friday Morning,was in Park as it began to snow hard.Sandy as very upset when Wayne saw her,took Her back to the group apartment,
SANDY started Smoking + Drinking as Wayne requsted to Calm her down.As other guys from Group arrived at the apartment.
Sandy was Given a Mixed Drink with some Downs in it to Calm Her.
In that Condition,She was Coerced,talked into more weed + drinks(with or without anything else in it, who knows?)

Sandy became very Intoxicated,SHE started to Dance Seductively and started to partially Strip.She was lead into a Bedroom by Wayne and Sandy was then fully stripped by Him.
At this time, the story says SANDY Started to BALK and got upset as the rest of the Guys Entered the Bedroom.
The Story comntinued that At that time,Sandy got Injected with the 1st Heavy Stuff by Them, to me it seemed that she resisted somewhat. That is the story that was told.
Regarless of How Sandy got into this Weekend, As each Hour passed,I Faced the reality the SANDY I was watching
No longer the Mid-West Married White Wive I knew.
Sandy was Now Freely OPENING HER Legs Wide
for Every BLACK Guy that Wanted HER,Freely
Proping HER ASS UP for

SANDY was ALSO NOT WANTING the WHITE GUYS to FUCK HER.Was Only Fucking Them when the BLACK GUYS Demanded Her to Fuck them.It was CLEAR that the almost 3 days of Countless Black BBC Sex was Addicting HER to BBC BLACK SEX..

It was Already Early Sunday Evening,and I was getting ready to Head OUT,There was Still a lot of NAKED GUYS in Bedroom and Apartment,
ALL were BLACK NOW,as all White Guys Left a few hrs before.
Sandy was still Freely Exposing Her ASS for Drugs as often as They Wanted to give HER it.
She was Still Clearly Fucked up and at one point said,she didn't need or want any at that Time
Guys Laughed and ordered" Bitch, it isn't want you Want, it is what We WANT" adding..YOUR ASS Belongs to US NOW, so GET that WHITE ASS in Position"..SANDY Seemed to Totally Accepted what was now being Done to HER,Ok She was really High, but She Actually Smiled as She Once Again she Exposed Her Ass for another Shot.

As Sunday Night Continued with the large Number of Black Group Guys using her over and over again in every way,
SANDY NOW Even Developed a Loud Vocal Activity as she was keep Drinking and High. the Remaining Black Guys were Fucking HER in a Really Rough Senerio. They also Were Totally Filming her,Even had a tripod setup..Several were Taking Photos. Sandy was now very Vocal,
also Crude and Loud saying Fuck ME,Stick that Black COCK DEEP in MEEven",Stick IT in MY ASS.. "In My Ass"..
It was clear that Whatever Drugs they were giving her,def were working.SHE was now Looking Directly in Camera,Smiling for the Camera + Pics,She suddenly Noticed Me,
and SANDY Said,Come FUCK ME,I want YOU to FUCK ME.I had No Intentions + hadn't had sex with HER.With large waiting Crowd,No One Noticed that I hadn't Fucked HER, But She Really Put Me on Spot,as Wayne and other guys shouted "You're Up Bro..I said I had enought already, but they Said, YOU'RE Up..Get in There AGAIN..So I undressed and Joined in the Party, having SEX with Sandy several Times,
exploring Every Part of SANDY's BODY
As time passed,I would SEE and Many Times Participate in both the Developement + Training that SANDY went though in the Next Several Years.

in the Several Months that Follwed This 1st Weekend,I reflected on that weekend many times.
SANDY's Senerio while different,was Not Uncommon for many other White Married Women that became BBC Slaves.b>Sandy's Situation was More Intense and HER Developement even More Faster than other Slaves,I believe as the Result of the Confrontation with Her Husband at the Deli with the Gropus
. Many others Hubbys also had problems,even the husbands that directly participated at first,but as They Develope Deeper into the Web,The Husbands saw the Reality that their Wives are no longer under their control, the reality that Their Wife's BODY has become OWNED by the BBC MASTERS,so confrontation developed,resulting in More Addiction of their wives to Drugs and BBC ending result was Wives didn't want to or coldn't Quit this Life.
The Suck Marks Put on SANDY from Day 1,The Total Addiction,control and Ownership of Sandy's Body that became a Priority with SANDY escalated with The Group Got into a ... Game,+ They Got GREAT PlEASURE in Showing Her Husband,
Also Videos taken were great TOOLS to CONTROL
SANDY in Early Stages.
...At any hint of Disobedience ot non agreement to Group's demands, the Videos were the "Nuke Weapons" that surendered Sandy and Kept her under Control..
SANDY was Made to Come to Apartment Often,Whenever Wayne or any Member of Group requested..She had to take any drugs they demanded since many guys have fantasiies of having Sex with a Fucked up Slut.With the Videos as "incentives Not to Resist or disobey" Sandy and other Slaves had to Attend "Featured Parties"


SANDY Soon Knew + Followed the Senrio Demanded of HER,
SHE STRIPPED Completley NAKED as SOON as She Entered Apartment.She Stayed Completley NAKED while in apt.SANDY Willingly took All Drugs they requested
At Parties,Sandy and Other Featured Slaves Would Submit to ALL SEX,Gang,Anal,DB.All Sex was BareBack.
At Featured Parties, Sandy +all Slaves would be Freely Filmed.
They at this stage of Developement,Had to look Directlly into Camera + follow Directions
After Many Parties,esp the "Featured Parties" ,When SANDY was allowed to Go home,SANDY was Always was Branishing Some Suck Marks,and or
other Markings.On many Occasions,She would have CRUDE WRITING on HER BODY,many Times Belt Marks over HER ASS

as many of the Regular Guys Started consistanly
Using Thick Belt on HER ASS. Surely I thought the Begining For Benifit of Husband seeing The MARKS on HET Body as Things Escalated with him and the Groups
Sandy's Body was always Marked in some Way, Her Dress Style and Personality (Talk,etc) also Changed as most Do when a Women moves from Wife to Slut. As Expected, Sandy's relationship to Husband was deteriorating as HE had to KNOW Sandy was both doing drugs + Having Sex with the Marks, At this time,He may not have know the degree That Sandy was into This Web.
Her Husband Def Knew Knew the Degree of How Far SANDY was into the Group after some Videos of parties with SANDY Surfaced in Neighborhood.
In Reality,at this time,There was Nothing HER Husband could do Since SANDY at this Point was now totally Addicted,Owned + Controled by Group.
Many Times I saw SANDY being Harshly Punished by them,Even if SANDY did Zippo,followed their demands,doing nothing to be Hashly Punished.
In SANDY's Senerio,She was Druged and be Tied,Restrained as they Whipped Her Hard with a Thick Belt.The Drugs Diminished Pain to some Extent,+ and Allowed Longer + More Intense Whipping.

Many of the White Associates Participated + Got GREAT Enjoyment in Whipping SANDY's ASS,More Than They Should have been allowered was/is my View.They +Many BLACK GUYS in Group Really Got Off,looking at the Condition of SANDY's ASS after they "Punished" HER taking pics etc.
When SANDY Left,SHE was Usually So Fucked Up,They had to help Her Dress and on occccasions took her Home.They GOT Off Sending HER Home to HJer Husband in that condidition.

In the Next Year that followed was Long On-Going Training/Development for SANDY.The Group was Now Centering Developement around SANDY's ASS.As Time Passed,Whipping continued and They Started Pernamently Marking SANDY's ASS.
with the 1st Crude Intial Tattoos,I Believe Combination of Videos,SANDY's Condition whe She Returned Home from ongoing Parties and NOW the Tattoos being added on HER ASS at Regular Basis was the Final Nail in SANDY's Relationship with Husband. The Group LEFT NO Doubt that SANDY's BODY belonged to Them and They would USE IT at Will Would Do Whatever They Wanted with HER BODY.

By the time her Husband really becaome aware of how deep Sandy was into their Web, it was in really TOO Late as SANDY was already Addicted to BLACK SEX and Drugs and I doubt she was even having SEX with husband,SANDY at this Point in Developement showed Real displeasure for sex with Any White Men and would have sex only When Requested by Black Guys,with White Business Associates or White Guys paying the Black Guys For Sex with HER.HER Body was nothing but a Tool for her Black Masters to use.

Part 10

Eventually Sandy moved into the Apartment Full Time.The Parties Escalated as Everyone Used SANDY,an a few other Slaves Extensively for SEX in Personal Pleasure,Business and Parties for $$$$$..
When SANDY and few Other Slaves moved into Apartment,The Addition of Breeding was added for Potential $$$,so NO Birh Control of any type was Allowed.ALL SEX was BareBack as Usual.Also ALL SEX was with BLACK MEN, unless the Black Guys got Paid in some form for their SEX by the White Guys.
Funny..OK Not Funny,

They Continued and Escolated SANDY with the Very Harsh Punishment and Branding,even Completly Tattooing SANDY's ASS on Both Cheeks,
On Some Rare Occasions and Featured Parties,
There was Some Extreme Sex Stuff with SANDY + Other OWNED Slaves living in Apartment,making Whipping + Tattoos seem mild.

That is a Completely Differernt Story.and Senerio,
Well above things on this Site and can't be posted here.

Part 10: The Total Breaking of Sandy's Husband

As Expected,With Sandy Living at the Groups Apartment and Her Ass Totally and Pernamently Tattooed add Constant Videos Sufacing of Sandy in Area,
SANDY + Her Husband Split after a Few Years in this Situation/Life. He closed the Deli and relocated back to Mid-West.I believe the Vedios,Tattoos,Gang SEX Parties and SANDY's Hooking for the Black Group etc were Finally Too much for Him,
Sadly for Our Group,He left Philly Before the 1st of Several TIMES SANDY was made Pregnant(actually She was Pregnant when He last came over to talk to Her..LOL) was one of multiple times Sandy was made Pregnant,As She was now being Breed consistanly in a Money making Situation for them and Associates.

I Remember like it was Yesturday The Last Time I saw Her
Husband Shortly Before He left Philly
One Day,He Came to the
Apartment,wanting to talk to SANDY,
Concerning details of their marriage breakup,and his moving Away.
Who knows maybe It was Last Ditch Effort for Him to Talk SANDY into Heading Back West with him.
I was Surprise, Ok not Really surprized.
When Wayne + Guys Opened the Door And invited him into the Apartment.In reality, it was a last great chance for them to "Get Him"etc
As He entered
the Apartment,Wayne told him to sit down,Even Offered Him a Drink that he declined.
Wayne told him He would Get Sandy that she was in Her Bedroom.As Her Husband Waited,saying Nothing to anyone,
Wayne returned to Living Room and sat Down.
After a Few minutes,
SANDY Came out of the Bedroom,Walking into Living Room Totally Naked.Suck Marks were showing on her front Body as usual.

Her Husband asked Sandy if they could go into the room to Talk Privately but Sandy Said "NO,Talk here,Now or Leave."
Sandy seemed Anxious,Upset that He was There
She also as everone could see was High and Had Been Drinking

Sandy said She didn't need or wanted to Talk.
It Seemed a Desperate Plea for Sandy to come with Him that HER Hubby informed her,saying He was leaving,
"Going Back to Where They Really Belonged."

Surely,Even Guys that were in Bedroom with Sandy was Listening
getting Off on his Every Word
As He Finished saying that, Wayne stood Up saying, "Good, Leave""you do that" Wayne was almost Laughing , and several of the guys did laugh somewhat
Almost immediatley, as Her Husband was Looking
at Sandy,Hoping,I guess< for any positive sign from Her,
2 Totally Naked Black Guys emerged from Sandy's Bedroom,Walked to sandy,saying,
"YES SANDY,Your Husband is Right.""It's Time for You to go Back Where You Belong Too,"
As One Guy Grabed Her Arm Firmly and Turned Her Away from Us and Her Husband, facing her back to Bedroom,The Other Slaped HER NEWLY and Totally Tattooed ASS as..everyone else laughed,Making Crude remarks,"
I almost Felt Sorry for Her Husband as as They Groped HER BODY,
Leading Her Back into the BEBROOM for MORE SEX

OK I lied, I Didn't Feel Sorry for Her Husband, I actually was thinking "WAHT a FUCKED UP PUNK"
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WOW,,Fantastic Insight on Training a Black Sex Slave and Sandy's Story
Prerequisite to read this: a course in Ebonics followed by a review of douche-bagary.

Why slaves? Why not willing participants? Who's got a chip on their shoulder?
In Reality, Everyone turns into Exactly WHAT they want to be, so these Women had no inititve to being nothing Else but Slaves, they put themSelves into the Postion and situation and THEY GOT Exactly What they Wanted and Exactly What they Deserved. On that point, Ditto to their Husbands that eventual Lost their Wives.Many participated in the begining and as everyone Should Know.if you play with Fire or Play with BBC, then YOU get Burned, don't Cry about it when your Wife gets addicted to Black Cock and Leaves you and only plays with BBC...
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DuDe YOU dont get it. I've seen your wh@ck as@ videos.. my cock is easily as big if not larger... why are you so obsessed with having people worship you? There is nothing wrong with interracial play, but you give it a bad name.
Who Cares What YOU Think, I surely Don't, So Why Are you Wasting your time making any comments? Is is Clear, you are a VERY Small Cock Whiteboy , who is nothing but a Cuck that can't Accept that Reality..I have seen Many in your Position and they all end up losing their Wifes to us BBC Masters..atBest you can Just Cleanup after we Finish with your Wives.clap
Dude, do you not see pics? Oh wait your broke ass can't afford to see them. Stop talking sh@t. I only care cause it's losers like you who spread hate.. Something I take personally. Come to DC (to a park) we'll see what's up then tough guy.
Since You are "Taking it Personally.
Bring your Scared Ass and Small Cock to Clark Park in Philly and We Will see How Tough you are Mr Small Scared WhiteBoy..It is Clear You lost your Wife or Girlfriend , possibly Even your ... to US BBC Guys..Dude..GET Over IT..But the Invitation is Always Open you You to Come to Clark Park and We will Take Care of Your "Personal Issues"..and put a Cap in Your ASS , but I'd bet, Like your Wife and ..., you would Prefer one of our BBC in your ass Also
But By ALL means, Bring your Wife + ...,We will show them a Great Time, they deserve it, Esp your Wife after all of the years with your Insecurity + Small cock. I'd Bet at least one of them Stays in Philly with US...
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Well, it's apparent you don't read. You can't even see the pic of my cock which dwarfs your pathetic one. You, not I harbor insecurity. Why would I want to go to Philly and hang out with a bunch of losers like you who use this web site as a forum for your hatred and relevance?
You are a sad man. As for your lame insults and off kilter accusations. I'm glad you have a fantasy
Dude, it is Your White Ass that has the Fantasy, 1st you probably aren't even posting YOUR own Pics, and, You Hide from the REALITY that YOU can't Sexually Satisfy YOUR Wife and she turns to BBC To Satisfy..
Final Reality, Me and all members of The Group Are not like YOU, Hooked with 1 White Bitchh, and it is Clear that YOU "worship that 1 Bitch" even with Her Wanting BBC instead of YOUR Small White Cock..Wake up Dude, you are lucky in one way, that You limit the BBC action for her to "Business Blacks" who are also probably Married and hiding their Lifestyle..If they were REAL MASTERS like us, You would Already Be History and YOUR Wife nothing but an addicted BBC SEX SLAVE.
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Some Members don't Get the Senerio + LifeStyle of What Our Groups are into This may help.
there is a "Ten Commandments thing that has been around ,on many Black Master's /Slaves Sites that may help bring an understanding of HOW Deep the Ownership of The Women who become Slaves..let me know


The Black Man Ten Commandants - which should be for
All White and Asian SLUTS

1. THOU SHALL NEVER SAY NO TO HAVING SEX WITH YOUR BLACK MASTERS and All Black Men Who Desire to Have Sex with You,ALL Slaves with submit to Sex with any Black Men at any location as requested by Masters

2.THOU SHALT ALWAYS STAY NAKED WITH BLACKS WHEN REQUESTED and Willingly Lift Skirt or Drop Pants for Sex with BLACKS as Requested



5. SLAVES shall HONOR THY BLACKS + THEIR BROTHERS by allowing The Taking of Photos + Video Freely while having Sex with Them.





Last update on October 29, 12:40 am by Ghetto_Pimp.
WOW This is AMAZING. Agree a 100%
onjic..Thanks for your comment..PS I like the Way you Think
Will Gladly Paste Them on your Page Cuckboi..PS thanks for the Comment.
I Agree..These Rules should be Follwed by All BBC Loving White Women..If they don't agree, Masters Should Make Them Follow the Rules..
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