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Its a wonderful life

Wife did a 1 night stand on a trip in January - her third cheat.  She has not hooked up with her lover in all of this year, though they still text often.  I asked her to set up a date with him.  It came to mind for me after I fucked her with a strapon and she came on the dildo.  I commented that she has not cum on my dick in years (without clitoral stimulation).  Then I also remembered that she has said often that although he is smaller, she cums on her lover's dick.  So although I have a good sized cock, and I can pound her pretty good, and yet am attentive and try lots of moves plus lots of oral first, for whatever reason, he fucks her better than I do.  In fact, the dildo fucks her better than I do.  Maybe its the mental image that her husband really is a sissy that holds her back, whereas when he is with her she is fucked by a manly man that she so desires.  So I asked her to call him and get her a good fucking on his cock.


I am at 31 days without orgasm, tying my record.  She says she gets it, and really does appreciate the extra attention and constant state of arousal, and the orgasms she is having while I am chaste.  She says we will continue and see how far it goes.  She also plans to ass fuck me with a Feeldoe we bought for her.  She put my (fairly new) metal cage on me before she when out today, and said let's lock it up for the next three months.  Happy

Been a while.  Not much to report.  I still wear panties 24/7.  The cock cage comes (ha!) and goes.  She has not been with any other guys.  She did not enjoy pegging me back in 2013, but did ask just the other day if I wanted her to do that, so maybe changing her viewpoint?  She has me lick her pussy and ass while fingering herself, about 3 times a week.  Sometimes she has me put my cock in, but not letting me cum.  Currently 34 days orgasm free.  

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