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Endless Orgasm Causes Brain Damage

Using some sort of futuristic device stolen off the set of Stargate SG-1, this woman's clitoris is vibrated into an orgasmic oblivion. Imagine if the lead characters of both The Exorcist and I Am Sam were delicately molded into one - this woman is what you'd get
Wow! I was rolling. Literally rolling. She really puts a lot into it. I would love a slave like this! Your comment says it all Superswo. What a beautifully fucked up slut she is ; P

Mistress Kitty
Godsake LOL
kiss kiss,
That was Awesome. I don't think she knew what she said at the end of that.
I could break that bitch of a fuck machine easy.
You little fucking pig!

Only thing missing is a ball gag on her mouth!

This website wants us to pay to use it. How ridiculous is that when you can get all this and more elsewhere....FOR FREE

Thats bullshit. My wife was involved in a 17 man black gangbang in Chicago several years ago and experienced continious orgasms for hours on end. There was a 5 minute time limit on whichever hole you were in and if you couldnt cum you had to give it up and move to another hole and continue on. This went on for a full 15 hours before she even had a rest period and something to eat. Of course she looked like she had been bathed in Cum when she got up and splattered a glob on the floor with every step. However she got on plane while being gangbanged and had continous orgasms for hours on end. After the 15 hours of it she had to stop to regain her conciousness. She was not brain damaged and in fact it set her up for desireing gangbangs for life. She found Utopia and it had a positive effect on every one we did after that even if they were not as intense as that one was. 

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