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Chastity devices

Can those who wear chastity devices give their feedback regarding wearing them? Would like to determine which would be the best for me to submit to, in terms of comfort, wearability, ease of installation, etc.
I have 2 types of steel ones and a cb6000s. it depends on what you like and cock size!
I personally have a CB 6000s, the longest I have worn it is for 7 days so far. As far as comfort it does take some getting used to.
I wear a's a very good device for the money...if you're really serious about long term play, I'd recommend a metal device, but those can be pricey. I've worn the cb model for 4 weeks straight before, and months on end...the model is a really good model for your first one.

Good luck.

sissy kevin

Hubby wears a CB2000 or, if he's been naughty, a one-inch diameter Kali's Teeth Bracelet. The CB2000 doesn't seem to cause him much inconvenience and he wears it for anything up to fourteen days. The KTB is for overnights and is intended to hurt. I have a narrower one (three quarters of an inch) which I make him wear for punishment when necessary and that really seems to do a good job.

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