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Last night

My Mistress regularly cruises craigslist just to see if there's anyone interesting.  A few days ago she found an ad with just a picture of the guys cock.  She thought it was nice so she wrote and told him he has a pretty dick.  Well, last night we're sitting at home, nothing unusual when the doorbell rang.  She shot me a sly grin and told me to go sit in a chair and be quiet.  She opened the door and a man came in and they immediately started kissing.  After a while they broke their embrace and introduced themselves.  Imagine that.  Making out with a stranger without even first knowing his name.  She led him to the couch and in between deep kisses stripped him naked.  Pushing him to sit down she dropped to her knees and began working his hardening cock with her very talented mouth.  It's here I must ad that she keeps me in chastity and my own dick was straining against the metal of my cage.  I watched and listened to them both.  Her hungry for his cock and him enjoying a blowjob I wish I could get.  His cock was big and fat.  She later told me she could barely get her mouth around it.  From my vantage point I could basically only see her head bobbing up and down on his shaft.  He lasted quite awhile which is no easy feat when my wife wants cum but he eventually threw his head back and emptied his load into her waiting mouth.  She loves the taste of cum.  She says it helps her relax.  Shortly after he left we went to bed.  Me with a hard on filling my cage, her with a load in her tummy.  She teased me relentlessly about how much bigger and better his cock was.  We eventually fell asleep but this morning she tells me she has a date Friday night and I'm to find something else to do for a couple hours.  

I can't wait for her to tell me how that went

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