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Things have happen


Last time I was here I was married to a wonderful girl.

Things changes when a person from my old school came to our town, soon he had pushed himself into our home.
I had warned my girl about him but she didnt belive me.

It was my old bully, and it didnt take him long time to take har from me and soon they got married.
He told me that he should take good care of our children, with a grin on his face.

He sent me often pictures of him tearing up my old wifes little cunt with his thick sauser

On their facebook site they compared me and him and I was like a little thin nail against his thick salami to cock.

I went on sad and saw no end of my sadness. but one day I found myself a new love.

She said to me that she never thought about how small or big mens penis was and mine was good enough.

One day I got mail and I saw a picture of my ex-wife pushing a girl own on a big thick cock.

It was my new girlfriend that they where learning to be their sextoy.

She loves it she told me in a text, soon we are going to have that fantastic cock in balls deep in every hole.

I have not asked my girlfriend about it, I was in the beginning curious if she should tell me but soon I felt that I was so exited about my new situation so I dont fuck her no moore because I cant , I masturbate so much in pure humiliatd horniness. 

A cuck that dont split womans cunt, lucky to feel some pressure
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