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Connecticut Cuckolds

Hey everyone. We are Jess and Tony and we are a 100% real cuckold couple living in CT...Tony posting this. First, those are not our real names. We have friends that know what we are but we don't want or need the general public to know. For those wondering, yes, I consider myself THE luckiest man in the world. As many of you know, it is incredibly sexually frustrating to want to be a cuck and not to have the girl to do it to you. I lived that life for years and i am happy to have been one for the last 4 years this coming January. The totally honest reason why we finally signed up on this site is to find other real couples like us. We are not looking for bulls or for single cucks. We want to form lasting friendships with other couples that live the lifestyle, hopefully in or near CT. We want people that can meet for lunch/drinks and can discuss things like jealousy and ideas. I really feel like we are living a closeted life and we are looking to come out... but not into the world, just into a living room. Hope to see responses.
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