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She seduced me into this and now it is all I can think about - help

This is pretty close to the truth although we are back together. Now I am dying to repeat and don't know how to tell her. I am looking for advice.

Annie is the love of my life. I never thought I would
share this story but anonymously it is okay.

This is a true story. You can say yeah, right but I
think when you are done you might realize that it is
indeed true. That is, if you have ever been a similar

Annie and I worked together when I was 28 and she was
20. By the time she was 20 we had found each other,
fallen in love, and gotten married. Her parents were
not happy about it but it is what it is. Over time I
think they have really gotten to like me.

I think or thought at the time Annie was gold digging
as she was the hottest girl in my department, I was her
bosses', bosses' boss and I showed interest in her. In
the call center I bumped her up to trainer where I
could spend more time with her and eventually one thing
led to another and we were off and running. I think the
key to our relationship then was that I had gotten
beyond those insecurities you feel when you are young
and she really appreciated having a boyfriend who was
attractive, successful and especially not controlling.

Annie is always between 105 and 110 pounds. She is
blonde with beautiful green eyes, always tan, and keeps
her French manicure up to date on both her hands and
feet. She doesn't have a large chest but she has the
largest nipples I've ever seen. They are also very
sensitive and handy. Needless to say Annie rarely
dresses without a bra.

I should mention that Annie is a boy's girl. Most of
her friends growing up and currently are boys. She is
also a flirt but she has great integrity and never ever
lies. She is an incredibly principled person. She is
mature for her age in some ways and not in others.
Anyway, she always had guys swarming around her
wherever she went but I got a sense that the guys who
knew her liked her but never imagined they would get
her into the sack.

When she flirted it never bothered me. It is just the
way she was and I never had it sense that it ever went
any farther. Again, Annie has very strong integrity and
commits fully to her friends and me.

As the wedding approached we decided it would be better
for her to take a position with another company. She
started working with a company that I was familiar
with. As a call center I knew it was a little rougher
crowd but it was also close to home and the money was
very good.

Fast forward about 6 months. We are married, the sex is
great, and we are very happy.

Of course Annie quickly became a hit with the guys at
the office. Along with being a strong friend to anyone
honest, she was quick witted and very funny. She got
off early, partied after work, went out with the gang,
and sometimes I found a bunch of folks in the basement
playing pool and pounding beers. She was becoming one
of the guys but I was certain that nothing was going
on. In fact it never occurred to me to be concerned.
That was the way it was with her and in the end, it was
true. There was nothing going on.

Sometime in July of 2007 things took a turn. Annie was
21 and super hot. I felt like I was king of the world,
especially around my friends. They knew her well enough
to know that they could flirt all they wanted but they
couldn't overcome her principles.

Annie had taken on the role of mascot and score keeper
for the softball team at work. She always dressed hot
but not slutty. I doubt any guy on the team or the
other team for that matter ever didn't know where she
was as everybody paid attention to her.

Sometimes she'd be home right after the game, and
sometimes it would be late as it depended on how much
beer was left in the parking lot for after the game.
She always called to let me know if she'd be late.

I caught a few games. I was at one in July when I
noticed a new player in the outfield. I asked Annie
about him and she said his name was Ryan. Ryan was a
strappin lad. Tall, blonde, built, and a nice guy. I
talked with him a bit over beers that night after the

The games were on Tuesday. Friday Annie went tanning,
and got her hair and nails done. That was a lot in one
day and didn't register at the time.

On work days, Annie left early in the mornings and got
back mid afternoon. Most mornings she'd be up and out
the door without me knowing. But the next Monday I woke
up enough to see her getting dressed in the bathroom. I
noticed the dress she was sliding up her body was one
of about three dresses that she wore for special dates
that we went on. This day it was a short black cocktail
dress with a low back. I just caught her sliding it up
her body over sheer black nylons and high heels. Her
hair was perfect and her tan was awesome.

"You look awesome."


"I can't wait to get home tonight."

"Go back to ..." She flashed me her perfect smile.

Again, nothing unusual registered at the time. Thinking
back though I can now piece some of this together.

That night she was super horny. I loved it and we
fucked like animals. It was rare that Annie would
initiate sex but that is what happened this night.
Again, I didn't catch anything unusual.

The next day was the softball day again. I didn't wake
up with her in the morning but caught her that night.
She had gone for drinks after work and was in a rush to
fly into the house and change into shorts and her
softball shirt to get to the game. This time I noticed
that her work outfit was again one of her special date
dresses, and, on her way out I noticed that the shorts
she had chosen weren't the usual longer style that she
wore but instead some daisy dukish shorts that I only
saw her wearing around the house.

"Are you sure the team is going to be able to play with
you on the stands wearing those shorts?"

Annie flashed me that smile. "Don't worry, they will be
crumpled up on the floor next to our bed in the

To say that Annie was reserved would be an
understatement. She never made comments like that but
when she did, it was instant hard on for me.

"If I'm sleeping, wake me up so I can help you take
them off."

Out the door she went and I was still clueless. It just
never occurred to me to be jealous.

That night She got home late, snuck into the bedroom
and woke me by pulling the covers back. She was already
naked and I was always naked in bed so she just slid
her soft body up mine and bam, I was hard. She
straddled me without saying anything and I felt her wet
hole cover my cock. 10 minutes and it was over. We
rolled over and went to ....

It was Wednesday and this is the day things would turn.
For better or worse I can't really say yet.

The turn came early as I woke up just as Annie was
coming out of the bathroom ready to leave for work. I
came to too quickly when I saw her outfit. This was the
one that I would have bet a lot of money that she would
have never have worn outside the house. It was my
absolute favorite outfit.

Annie had a pair of very tight, very short dress
shorts. She had a perfect ass and these shorts were
very tight against her. She again had the sheer black
nylons and my absolute favorite fuck me high heals.
They had the black felt strap that tied around her
ankle. Her top showed her mid-drift and belly ring, and
tied in the front. She was wearing a bra or I would
have thought it was one of our hot sessions. She
dressed in this outfit to turn me on, and only when I
asked her.


Annie only slowed down a bit as she charged through the
bedroom. "Can't talk, I'm late"
I heard the door shut and off she went.

It finally started to bleed through to me what might be
going on. It wasn't a V-8 moment but it did start
rolling in my mind what was going on. The outfit was a
big deal. Prior to the last week Annie was a very
average dresser now three days in the last week, I had
caught her leaving for work in her sexiest apparel.
Then I started thinking about hair, nails, extra
tanning sessions, and the aggressive sex behavior she
was demonstrating. My stomach was starting to turn. I
started to get angry.

I wasn't an investigative partner but I checked around.
Her panties seemed fine, I looked for notes, checked
caller I.D....nothing.

All day at work I was distracted thinking about what
might be going on. I wouldn't put it past Annie to
flirt and dress sexy to try to get ahead in the job.
Maybe that was it. I went back and forth trying to
decide whether I should be upset. That day Annie got
off at 3:30 so I left work and was home early at 2:30.
With an hour to kill. I thought about sneaking in an
orgasm but I was pretty distracted. I drifted in-
between horny and concerned for about a half hour when
I heard the door open.

Annie was surprised. She was trying to cruise straight
upstairs when I stopped her and told her she looked
great. Was she thinking I hadn't noticed the outfit and
was hoping she could change before I realized what she
was wearing? If so, she was nuts.

I followed her right up stairs. I had to know what was
going on but was playing it cool. After being pretty
naïve, I finally had a plan. Not a great plan but at
least something.

"What are you doing home so early?"

"After seeing you this morning I couldn't concentrate.
I wanted to catch you as you came in so I could help
you out of those clothes"

She was caught, at least with respect to her choice of
clothes, and I could see the "I'm going to have to
explain this one" look on her face. I didn't push. I
slowly stripped her and helped her into bed. I know
Annie and the worst thing I could do is attack her or
even push to find out what was up. That is exactly what
she hated in her prior relationships.

I began my plan by playing with her nipples which were
rock hard. I started playing with them while she
struggled to be the aggressor. It was always a struggle
as Annie wanted my cock in her right away while I
always teased her first. I moved down and started
working on her clit with my tongue while also tugging
at her nipples.

After about 15 minutes she was wiggling like crazy and
begging me to fuck her. Annie's cunt always tasted
great. She was always clean shaven as she knew that was
one of my huge turn-on's. She was always clean and
never any bad aroma's or build up. Annie has the best
cunt with small lips and small folds that I love
licking and teasing.

Anyway, I was way past the usual work up to wetness.
Annie is always wet but I love to tease her which gets
her dripping. At this point she was totally wild with
her begging and struggling to take charge.

After a half hour or so I shifted up so I could talk to
her while fingering her clit and cunt. She was
supercharged. I had to keep stopping or she would cum.
Once Annie cums she just wants to fuck to my end and
doesn't like to talk. So I kept bringing her up and

In the past at this point we would talk about fantasies
that she had involving her tied up, or some other wild
fantasy but it was always about the two of us. We had
never talked about anything but things she wanted to
imagine about the two of us.

I was a complete mess. I was stressing her having an
affair, I was angry thinking that she may have deceived
me, and most of all I was hornier then I had ever been.
Her body was tan against the sheets, she was writhing
around in bed, great hips, long beautiful legs, her
feet pointed, and oh I was a mess. She kept begging me
to fuck her.

I was having a hard time starting the conversation and
I think she knew something was up as I had probably
never teased her for a half hour before fucking her. In
fact, we had been making love more often lately versus
fucking. Making love was making out, kissing and
straight missionary sex. We had talked about it and
usually agreed before we went at it whether we were
going to make love or fuck.

I finally started in to find out what was going on. I
had to be careful as if she thought I was accusing her
she would shut down. Her answers would always be honest
but she would go on the attack to avoid answering them
and it would end in a fight.

"Was it fun wearing that outfit to work today?"

"Fuck me."

"Come on, it had to be a bit of a turn on to be dressed
that sexy in public?"

"I guess so, did you like that?"

I had to gain her confidence but the butterflies were
all over the place. It was my hard cock keeping me
somewhat steady. I wanted to come hard and then
question her but there was no way that would work.

"Of course I liked it, I get the hottie when she gets

"Please take me."

"No, tell me Annie, you must have gotten a lot of
attention today. Did you like that?"

"Yes, do you like that?"

This was almost enough to send me over the edge. We had
never discussed anything like this and my cock was
starting to bounce with my heart it was so hard. At the
same time I was confused and concerned.
I had to know more. "It turns me on to know that my
girl is out there strutting her stuff, showing off her
hot body"

"You like that?

I didn't know what to say but at least I was getting
information. I was very afraid and embarrassed though
that Annie might end up thinking I was a pervert. My
dick and curiosity took over. "Yes, I like you dressing
like a slut at work. I can't tell you why but it turns
me on."

"You want me to keep doing it?"

I am thinking well no but I have to keep this going. I
was pulling her clit again and was pretty sure I had to
slow this down. I pulled away and got the fuck me's
again. "It's hot knowing that you are hot, dressed like
a slut, probably doing your flirting thing and having
all the guys in the office hard wanting what I have."

She was out of control now trying to pull me on top of
her. Annie asked "what did you call me?"

"Was it dirty little slut?"

"Yeah, you want me to be your dirty little slut?"

"Tell me what you want Annie."

"I want to be your dirty little slut."

With that she starting cumming and there was no turning
back. I knew instantly that I had lost my chance as no
matter how hard I had fought it since we started
dating, once I made her cum it was always a race to see
how fast I could get inside of her and fill her with
cum. She would not talk. I knew it.

As soon as my cock stretched in to that tight little
cunt, I came and it was over.

After resting a bit we headed down to grab a bite to
eat. I was now all about jealousy and anger as my dick
was no longer protecting me from that. But I played it
cool. My thoughts returned to "is she, isn't she, is
she, isn't she".

At dinner at home with just my dress shirt on she was
stunning as usual.

I didn't usually talk about sex or anything unless we
were in the process. But Annie was all talk about
anything, any time. Toward the end of dinner Annie
reached up and undid a few buttons. Then she asked me
"Do you really like me dressing as a slut?"

It was so strange to me that she would talk about that
at the dinner table. Talking sex wasn't out of
character, or saying things to turn me on wasn't out of
character, but calling herself a slut rocked my world.

"Let's discuss this upstairs."

Annie smiled, stood up and undid the rest of her
buttons. She then smiled and walked past me and up
stairs. I followed immediately.

Annie went straight into the bathroom and started
brushing her teeth. This shocked me too as this was
always the last thing she did at night and it was only
6:30. Just another weird moment for me.

She dropped the shirt and spread herself wide open on
the bed. She pointed her toes and spread her legs. She
looked tiny in the bed but her body was again so hot
against those white sheets that I was out of my robe in
a flash. I just wanted to fuck her but thought maybe I
could get more information from her. Was she dressing
hot and just teasing guys as a turn on?

Annie broke my concentration. "Do you like me dirty?"

Fuck! My dick was totally in charge again. "Yes."

"How dirty?"

I didn't realize this until later but she had seen her
opening and was turning it around on me. She was trying
to control me and the conversation and she herself had
created the opening. I had to feed the fire to find out
what I wanted. On the other hand, I was hot. I was
enjoying this. "Very dirty"

Now she had her mouth on my cock. She was teasing me
with her teeth. Then she stopped and looked up at me.
"Tell me what you want."

She was trapping me and I had no alternative. I had
become an animal. I lost sight of my prejudice against
perverts, was still seeking information, but was
totally aroused. This was the most sexually charged
moment of my life.

"I want you wet and stretched open."

Now she was nearly swallowing my cock when she pulled
out just long enough to say, "Tell me more."

How did this happen. If I told her that I want her
fucked and sloppy would she tell me if she was? Fuck!!
More importantly, did I want her fucked open for me? I
was starting to think so.

I went for broke. "I want you to dress like a slut and
go out, and come home fucked open and sloppy for me."

This sent her on to cloud nine. She laid back and
jammed her hands down to her cunt. I know when she
works her cunt it is over in seconds so I quickly knelt
down on the bed and grabbed her hands.

"Let me cum or fuck me now!"

I pulled her hands to me and lay down next to her. This
was my chance to get her to talk.

"Do you want to be a dirty little slut, fuck another
man, and bring your wet cunt to our bed?"

"I love you."

"I love you too but answer the question."

Annie was tough. "Do you want me to get fucked and
bring my wet slit home?"

Fucking A!!! She was going to get me to prompt this
making it okay for her to fuck around? .... I thought
maybe I could get her to be more specific so I kept
going even though now I was horny and very concerned.

"Do you have any guys that you might want to fuck?"

Annie was quiet for a moment before she responded.

Wholly ... I might actually get to what I want to
know. This was working but it was also making me nuts
wanting to cum.

"Tell me about it Annie."

"I love you and don't want you to be mad. Nothing is
happening but I can tell you there is a guy

"Who is it." I rubbed her clit hoping to keep her hot
and talking.

"Ryan wants me really badly."

"The tall guy on the softball team?"


This bothered me a lot. He was young and very good
looking. Now he was chasing my wife and she was all
caught up in that?

"How do you know?

"We talk and email at work a lot. We've gone to lunch a
few times and talk after softball."

I moved down to her clit and I started to work it with
my tongue. I wanted to keep her on the edge. I believed
her but wanted her open and talking.

"That's hot." Not at all an easy thing to say. "Does my
dirty little slut want to fuck Ryan and come home
sloppy and wet for me?"

"Oh god I want you so bad. I love you and want you
inside of me right now!"

I took it up a couple of notches. I put the head of my
cock at the very wet opening of her cunt and pushed
just a little. Annie tried with all her might to push
down and impale my cock but I had her pinned. I'd be in
her when I decided. "Do you want Ryan's cock right here

"Oh god yes."

What the fuck does a guy do with that information? I
mean what the fuck? In the span of a few hours I had
gone from never thinking of this, to being jealous,
worried concerned, angry, to nothing other then wanting
my wife to be a slut for a young studs hard cock. At
least I was less stressed out. Now I was only thinking
about two things, how hot it would be to fuck my sloppy
second's wife, and burying my cock in Annie's cunt and
fucking like an animal. I had given up on the rest of
it and looking back later would realize that she, not
I, brought us there.

"Do you think you could get Ryan to fuck you?"

"With a snap of my fingers, but do you think you'd
really be okay with that?"

Funny how things had turned. When she asked me that
question she was rubbing my cock keeping me horny. She
only wanted one answer and I was only going to give her

"I want you to come home fucked and sloppy wet."

"No condom?"

We never used one and were letting nature take its
course. Or not take its course as it had been going.
This was such a clinical question in the middle of a
fantasy. Was it a fantasy? Again that little hand with
the French manicure was coaxing my cock for a certain

"I want you sloppy with his cum."

I was done. I plunged into Annie and came so hard I saw
stars. We came together.

Once the lust passed I asked her if she had been
dressing up and flirting with Ryan. She said she had
basically because all the girls wanted him and her
natural competitive spirit took over. She wanted his
attention but wouldn't do anything with it. We agreed
that this was just a fantasy session. It made me feel
much better.

We talked quite a while. Annie told me they had talked
a lot. When she said that he was a super great guy I
felt my heart sink but I didn't say anything. I wanted
to hear it all, and having acted it out thus far, I was
collecting a lot of information.

They had been alone a lot more then I would have
imagined. According to Annie they had been emailing for
weeks all day long during and after taking calls. It
sounded like she knew everything about him. It was
really weird hearing all this but I felt a special
something inside me knowing that she was comfortable
telling me all this. I definitely want that openness to

I had to ask if they had kissed. There was just so much
exchange between them that I couldn't imagine a guy not
making a move on Annie. I held my breath.

"I am sorry but yes."

Oh my god, don't lose it man. You have to keep going.
My heart was racing. Oh ...!

"Annie, you can tell me and it will be okay, have you
fucked Ryan?"


Ahhhhhh ...! I know the term is butterflies, but I had
irritated lions in my stomach. How in the hell did this

"How close?"

"Right there, as close as you can get, sorry."

Had she misled me earlier? She's being honest and I
need that more then anything else in the world.


"Right about where you are laying one day at lunch."
"What stopped you?"

"My concerns, his concerns, time, protection."

"What are his concerns?"

"I'm married and he is afraid that he'd get hurt in the

"What were your concerns?"

"I love you and don't want to deceive you. That and I
didn't want to get pregnant."

"So you just got up and went back to work?"

"I'm sorry, not exactly."

Without knowing it I had started pulling on her nipple.
I was also hard as a rock and here came the waves of
lust all over again. I didn't fight it like last time.

"Did my dirty little slut suck his cock?"

"He came down my throat."

That's it. I was up and after her again. Tonguing her

Annie started it off right away. "Would you like it if
he had pushed into my cunt and fucked me full of his

"Oh yeah!"

"You want me to Fuck Ryan?"


"Don't come home for lunch tomorrow."

I fucked the hell out of Annie and then didn't ...
much that night. I watched Annie dress in the morning.
Another super hot number. We didn't talk as my dick was
rock hard and I didn't want to ruin the moment. That
day at work was the longest, hardest day of my life.

I was home when Annie came home. I tried to read her
face but couldn't see anything. Without saying a word I
took her up stairs. I stripped her out of her clothes
and laid her on the bed. She stretched her legs out and
raised her knees. I looked at her cunt but didn't see
anything. "Finally I asked her, so how was your day?"



Annie blurted it out. "We came back here for lunch like
the last time and we started kissing and making out.
Ryan told me that he never liked or wanted anyone as
much as he wanted me. I tried to get him to go further
but he said that he had been with a lot of women and
was tired of fuck buddies. He said that as much as he
wants me, it can't be fucking. He wants to make love or
nothing. He won't fuck me."

That was weird. As a guy with a hot chick like Annie I
was shocked that he wouldn't just take her. He must
have had a lot of women to be that strong. I was a
little disappointed and this surprised me.

"So, it's over?"

Annie was down which bothered me terribly. But she gave
me more to think about. "Ryan told me that he wanted me
to come to Dwayne's party tomorrow. He wants me to
bring an overnight bag and be ready to move out of here
Sunday. He said that we knew each other well enough now
to know we are soul mates and that it was time to make
love. He said that if I wasn't at Dwayne's he would
know where this was going and he'd quit Monday so we
wouldn't have to deal with seeing each other."

"wow." I'm sorry Annie. It would have been fun."

Things heated up and pretty soon I had Annie on the
edge again. For some unexplainable reason I was trying
to figure out how she could still get fucked by Ryan.
She could fuck anyone she wanted but I was locked on
her fucking this guy. Don't ask me to explain it as I

"I want you to do me one last favor."

Annie responded "What?"

"I want you to pack an overnight bag, dress in your
sexiest outfit, and go to the party."

Her body was on fire.

"Why would you ask me to do that. I can't make love to
him, I'm married to you."

I knew Annie. She really couldn't make love to him and
not mean it. Her principles wouldn't allow it. But I
wanted her wet sooooo bad.

"Annie, you don't have to make love to him. I just want
to know when you walk through the door tomorrow, that I
am the winner. I am the luckiest guy in the world but
this would really make me feel great. I want you to
promise you will do this for me." I knew her answer as
her little hand was really working my cock. Secretly, I
wanted her to give in. I think she knew it but I never
asked her.

"I promise."

I put the tip of my cock right at her entrance. I was
hoping she would remember his cock right there. I was
certain that that is what she was thinking about. I
pushed in all the way and she gasped but I held my cock
there deep inside her. I couldn't move or we would both

"Annie, if you can't help it I will understand if you
end up back at his place spreading your legs, kissing
him deep, making love to him."

She was jerking, struggling. I knew this turned her on
and she was getting out of control. The struggle was
putting me over the edge also. I couldn't stand it.

"Annie, are you going to be in his bed making love to
him tomorrow night?"

"Yes, I can't help it."

"Your going to give in aren't you, you are going to
give yourself to him completely aren't you?"


"Your falling in love with him aren't you Annie? You
want to give yourself to him?"

"YES, YES, Yes!!! I'm sorry but yes."

She was fucking wild and now we were really moving.

"Say it Annie."

"I'm going to make love to Ryan tomorrow night. I'm
going to give myself to him, I am falling in love with

"You want him inside right now don't you?"

"Oh God Yes, I want him to cum inside me and impregnate

We both came hard.

After we had cooled down, Annie said "It is just a
fantasy; I am not going home with him tomorrow. We will
be right here tomorrow night."

I smiled and soon we were both asleep.

I had seen a lot of hot women in my life but nothing
compared with how Annie looked when she walked out
Friday. I took the day off. No way could I work through
this. She had a very short fly away skirt, the kind
that lifts in the lightest breeze. See through high
heels and a tie shirt that was only enough material to
cover her chest and tie. She wasn't wearing a bra. With
her tan and blonde hair, awesome legs, she was a


"Maybe he will just fuck me?"

"I would err, ah will."

I walked over to her and reached under her skirt. It
barely reached the end of her ass and mound so it
wasn't a long reach. Underneath her skirt was a skimpy
pair of panties. I pulled them down and she stepped out
of them.

"What are you up to?"

"If you really are going to go for the fuck you might
as well show him some of what you have to offer. Make
sure he gets a good look a few times today." With that,
Annie flashed her smile, kissed me, and left.

In just two days we had gone from cool to crazy out of
control and sex starved. I came three times over the
course of a couple of hours before I decided to go to
the party. I knew all these guys and couldn't help but
drop in.

The jealousy, anger, worry was all gone. It was all
about Annie becoming a slut now. Never did it occur to
me for her to fuck anyone else. I wanted her wet and
impregnated with Ryan's come. The fact that she might
give herself to him completely only worked as an
additional turn on.

When I got to the party, I talked to a few guys and
they hinted that Annie and Ryan were being close so to
speak. Annie was surprised and I think disappointed
that I had shown up. She suggested that my being there
was bad for the plan and I told her I couldn't help it
but would take off soon.

When I wasn't by Annie she was with Ryan. I could see
her with her legs open only where Ryan could see. They
disappeared a few times into the house and her nipples
were hard the whole time I was there.

I had checked Annie's car and her overnight bag wasn't
in the back. I asked her about this and she said that
Ryan had insisted that he sneak out and move it into
his car. She said that she told him that she hadn't
made up her mind yet but I didn't believe her. For the
first time ever I think she was lying to me.

I way overstayed my welcome with Annie and at one point
her and Ryan were walking toward the cars. I yelled out
to Annie to come here for a minute and she said she'd
be right back. I said it would only take a second.

Annie walked back to me and followed me into the

"Annie, where you going?" I wasn't jealous but was
dying to hear that she had given in.

"Dwayne's music sucks. We are just going to go pick up
some CD's at Ryan's."

I lifted her onto the sink and put my hand between her
legs. She was sopping wet. She tried to push my hand
away but I persisted. I started playing with her clit
as I knew it was the only way to get the truth.

"You aren't going for CD's are you?"

"Yes we are."

I could tell that the response was not real.

"You are going to give yourself to him aren't you

The slut got her.


"Are you going to his place to make love to him?"


"Say it."

"If I do will you let me go?"


"I'm going to Ryan's to make love to him. I will make
love to him all weekend long and I hope he impregnates
me with his baby. I will pick up my clothes on Sunday.
I am in love with him and I can't wait for his cock any

I was cumming. "Go be his slut."

She was gone.

When Annie came home Sunday she could barely walk. I
wanted to fuck her in the worst way but she was cool to
me and no way was she going to let me get close to her.

"Did you and Ryan have a good time this weekend?"

"It was awesome. I'm Sorry Dan."

"Let me know when you need to get fucked."

She didn't say anything and a couple of suitcases
later, she was gone. That was 4 months ago. Maybe she
will come back some day. I can't orgasm to any other
thought then thinking about Ryan finally pushing into
Annie's tight little cunt.
your words are so much like our own life story it is amazing!
thank you for sharing!
we hope you will reveal more in the future ~ the lifestyle works for us.

david and faye
Lynda & david
I made her promise to fuck whoever I asked her to. She agreed as long as he is attractive. I want her to go back to him and start it all over again. I fantasize about it all the time. I haven't said his name or made her promise, but I am dying to...
Only thing better is being there, to see it, to hear her as she is filled with his meat. To participate..............
It's not if you get knocked down, it is if you get back up.
She never really left and we fought our way through it. I was really bad at managing the situation and it almost destroyed us.

We are in a really good place now but every time I'm inside her I am wanting to tell her to go back and fuck him again. She's been with other guys as one nighters, but I want her to be a bitch and take Ryan on another ride.

As I hint about it in our fantasies, she gets totally wet. She ran into him the other day and told me about it. I wonder if she has gotten the hint?

How I get from here to being cucked is the struggle. I want her to go back to Ryan and come home to grind her cunt into my mouth. I want her to tell me how much she likes his cock.

I just can't seem to tell her as I don't know what she'd do or say. And, we almost lost it the first time.
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