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May 10, 2014 by
love the tatted ass and the caged cock
chrissys cuck
nice pic. Now just watch your wife take that real mans cock and know she is loving every fucking minute of it. Unlike she does with your cuck ass. Wear that cage because you can only dream of doing to her what he does. Your wife belongs to him now... Welcome to the club pal.
Fuck that cuck is so lucky - I wish I was in his place. I love the idea of only being able to cum now and again when my wifes owner, her black bull, gives me permission - which would be so infrequent I would be desperate, and of course after some serious humiliation to reinforce my submissive role a...
what a fine white whore total submission total slut for bbc and his cum dump
hubbie should be bent over with his face in her masters balls licking away as he has his man pussy stretched also
Cuck just watches ...
loved the tat  ,, he is one lucky cuck, i think i would like that done to me
Cucky is learning his new horny place by not being able to even feel the pleasure of a firm erection while he watches a real man, with a real cock, really big hard cock, enjoy using his wife's hot slick pussy, knowing he may never again have that pleasure. Just get use to shaving your legs cucky an...
awesome wish my wife would do that and lock me up
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