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Wife ready to take cock

February 4, 2009 by
  and  like this.
MMMMM looks well stretched both holes
looks ready to eat
id destroy both those hoes
i can only think of one think of one thing missing besides the cock stretching her, and that is loads of cum pouring out of her juicy cunt
looks like she just had her cunt pounded and stretched,  only thing missing is the heavy loads of fertile cum
On this particular occasion she begged to have her face splattered with cum... Sorry I did not get that pic.
great ass hole would luv to fill that ride it hard
That is one delicious looking presentation. Those holes are calling to my nasty tongue. I'd get both sloppy wet and opened up, winking at you, so you could pound them with your cock. Then I'd wait for an invite to crawl underneath both of you and feast away. - Wayne
Wow- amazing!!
I know a few dudes that she would even feel enter her, but I am not one of them dudes.
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