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what type of cuckold are you?

July 20, 2010 by
what type of cuckold are you?
The Cuckold is turned on by seeing, imagining, or hearing about their lover with somebody else. Cuckolds get hot when they realize they may not be enough to satisfy the seemingly insatiable sexual needs of their lovers—and they may even play a role
1. you are unable to last 30 seconds befor shooting ur load
2. your penis is too small to pleasure your wife
3. you understand that your wifes sexual needs can never be met by you, so she has to seek satisfaction
4. after your wifes dates you discuss in length what she did and how he is a real man, not like you
5. when your wifes/mistresses date has pleasured her, she makes you eat her creampie and lick her clean
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I guess I'm more the ...
Haha! Good survey!
nice survey needs a few more answers
I disagreed on the 30 seconds but only can go couple minutes not long
wife does not date others :-(
Would lick her clean if she had a cream pie
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Write a comment...Love this??
only 30
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