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now thats a cock -


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  • September 10, 2010 (Added)
  • 13 (Comments)
now thats a cock
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Wonder if she begs for hubbies cum like that.........?
what a wonderful woman, she really loved that big dick
nice to see mature folks that know what they like and want in a fucking. she loves to get and feel some dickhead action . and at the right time he knows how to nail it hard and deep like you're drilling for oil and make her have mulitple orgasms .. before he gets his!!! She know how to talk dirty ...
I like to get a comment from U, when I put this dick up in U!
Quote:Originally posted by: wife4blkusemmmm that sure is a nice cock
There no turning back of time upon anything in life, so pull all the old school out, upon treating your self and your partner a good time in that area.
Quote:Originally posted by: Stvan ReemnThats a cock and thats a pussy who really worked the cock, teased it and him and gave all a superior view of...
No he did right, so that she come back to him, and than cum in her!
Quote:Originally posted by: westchasecouplePerfect, should have came deep inside of her, that's where I would have taken it.
Quote:Originally posted by: lilshortyWonder if she begs for hubbies cum like that.........?
I owuldn't had ask that question, that why she is there, getting a good work out,and go home and have him beg for the cum that was left up in her!
Quote:Originally posted by: harsmitwhat a wonderful woman, she really loved that big dick
He is manipulating that pussy and ass, look at his face; evading every area within her being!
A woman never know until she try it out, to be school, upon what a black bull have to teach, without remorse, and consent of her partner. It might sound crazy and all, but the challenge and all, she will accomplish the same factors without any secret or Imagination of any dysfuncyion within her self...
She took it really well on top.  It takes a brave woman to impale herself on a cock like that.
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