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BBC Sex Slaves Sluts Featured Party 10


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Married Sex Slaves Connie + Sandy at "Featured BBC Party".Connie is now More into the Slave Training...
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Very nice training session for the only too willing married fuck toy Connie. Was she built for this or what? The way she demands to be fucked, the nasty, foul gutter mouth she sports is so hot. What a nice toy to own and put to good use.

The Sandy portion seems to be a compilation of what Sandy do...
Yea Connie does have a Foul Mouth and it is kinda Funny the way she Demands to be me she seems very Willing to commit but i still believe she is too Camera Shy, that I'm sure will be the masters.. As for sand's Part in Video..It is indeed Sandy's Part in the Party and Video,...
What is Wrong with Seeing more of Sandy Doing What Sandy Does? Fucking Tons of Black Men ,always looking directly into Camera and Always Fucking Everyone BareBack?

Connie is also Hot and I agree has Great Potential but needs lots more training
Get real, this isnt a party, the first part is from another clip on here and its in a theater. Good fantasy writing though.
then you us Connies soundtrac for Sandy's clip.
Vicks..1st Know WHATyou are talking about.. #1) I have never Said o even implied that I actually DO the Filmng and HAve Stated many times, I am more of an Active Participant at the PARTIES..2nd, I have Stated many Times,he Film is done by many Members and Guests Attending the PARTIES..and They Are P...
Ps I am not Surprize that YOU are Unverified and the Few Videos You posted are nothing but Semi-Pro Stuff..Enough to get you Free Time on this Site..I can understand that..But Until you are certified and Post your own Original Stuff.. I'd lighten up dude..Ps..FeeL Free to post Our S...
There Are 2 different Videos of the "Featured Party, take by different attendees..As anyone can Hear + see there were many BBC and a Few White Guys at this Party and 3 different Slaves To Service them..

These Were Posted on Host Site, the Quality there may be better..

MArried Sex Slaves Trainin...
Slut Celeste
Would love to be a Sex Slave at an adult theatre...
Slut Celeste
Very Nice ... !!! AdkinsTxbull (Allen)
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