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Signalling with Anklets

Taken from f-anklets.html
Say what you will about the merits or dangers of cuckolding in a female led relationship, there is something undeniably stirring every time I see a woman wearing an anklet. It is supposed to be a signal, for those in the know, that a woman who goes out and about with an anklet is signaling that she is married, but not tied down. There is something so brash, and open about a woman who proclaims to the world that she is so overwhelmingly in control of her life, and her marriage. She displays to the whole world that she is in control. Though I may not be feeling particularly submissive at the time, the sight of a woman wearing an anklet brings it out of me every time (perhaps it is more from me wishing I were her husband, than the men she is signaling to). I know that many women wear anklets simply for aesthetics: it is exotic, shiny, and sometimes they make noise. They may have no intentions of sending any signal, and may be totally unaware of how some men pick up on it, yet they never fail to garner my attention. I think that my reaction also stems from the fact that I wish all these women were wearing them as a sign of domination over men. In a real female led society men would be reminded time and time again that we live to serve these women whose mere silhouette send us into submissive heaven.
written by a man no doubt. even though majority of women wear these just for style, he himself sees it as something bigger. typical of how the cuck perv likes to view things. except of course, me.
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